Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Joe!!!!

Today Joe is 29 years old! It's been amazing to see him grow up onscreen over the years. Joe has continued to entertain us onscreen with every role that he does. I'm so happy that he has successfully made the transition from child actor to adult actor. I'm looking forward to seeing his career continue for many more years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch Parts 1 and 2 of "Coma" online now!

A&E has posted both parts of Coma on their website here. There is also a playlist on Youtube with all of Joe's scenes here.

And, there is a new picture of Joe from the show on A&E's site for Coma!

Coma will be on DVD on October 30th this year. You can pre-order it on Amazon here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watch "Coma" Part 1 online!

A&E has uploaded Part 1 of Coma to their site, so you can watch it in full here. I'm not sure if the video will work if you are outside the United States though. You can watch Joe's scenes from Part 1 on my Youtube channel here.

Part 2 airs tonight at 9pm EST on A&E!

Video from "Coma" tv show

I was able to record a few of Joe's scenes, but when I transferred them to my computer, they had no sound!
I was only able to get a good video of Joe's first scene, and here it is!

I will re-record and re-upload all of Joe's scenes tomorrow. The show was really great, and Joe was just perfect! He was also in a lot of scenes.

Don't forget, Joe is also in Part 2, which airs tomorrow night at 9pm on A&E.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reminder: Coma miniseries premieres tonight!

A&E's miniseries Coma premieres tonight at 9pm ET, which is in about 4 hours. I will try to have videos of Joe's scenes up tonight. But if not tonight, then definitely tomorrow night, so check back here. Tonight's episode will be 2 hours long, and tomorrow night's episode (which also airs at 9pm) will be 2 hours long as well. I can't wait!

If you miss tonight's episode, it will be re-airing on the follow dates:
Tuesday, September 04 @ 1:01am/12:01C
Friday, September 07 @ 8pm/7C
Saturday, September 08 @ 12:01am/11:01C
Saturday, September 08 @ 4pm/3C
Sunday, September 16 @ 1pm/12C

Part 2 will re-air at the following dates and times:
Wednesday, September 05 @ 1:01am/12:01C
Friday, September 07 @ 10pm/9C
Saturday, September 08 @ 2:01am/1:01C
Saturday, September 08 @ 6pm/5C
Sunday, September 16 @ 3pm/2C

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Coma" will be released on DVD on October 30th. + New Joe videos from the show!

The new miniseries that Joe is in called Coma will be on DVD on October 30th! It is now available for pre-order on A&E's website here.

The show airs this Monday, September 3rd at 9pm ET on the A&E channel.

Several new clips have also been added to Coma's website in the video section. Joe appears in the "Relevancy" and "Overview" videos. You can watch them here.

Here are some screencaps from the new videos.

I can't wait to see the show Monday!