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Short Film.

Go behind the scenes of GI Joe Retaliation in this exclusive first look.


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Joe and Elijah Wood talk about what it was like to make Radio Flyer.

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Joe and Ariana Richards talk about making Jurassic Park,
and working with Steven Spielberg.

Joe talks about his character on the set of The Cure.

Joe talks about filming Jurassic Park, going to movies as a child,
and he tells us what his favorite movie ever is.

Joe talks about the new exhibit at the World War II museum in New Orleans.

Joe talks about The Pacific, boot camp, and what it was like on set.

Joe, James Badge Dale, and Jon Seda discuss their characters in The Pacific, and
what it was like to film the series.

In this interview, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Joe,
Jon Seda, James Badge Dale, Ashton Holmes, and Sidney Phillips discuss The Pacific.

Joe, Jon Seda, and James Badge Dale discuss sports, The Pacific,
and Jurassic Park is even mentioned at the end of this wonderful interview.

 Joe talks about the demands of playing a U.S. Marine
in The Pacific and the toll that World War II takes on his character.

Joe discusses auditioning for The Pacific, filming, and
the feedback he has gotten from veterans.

Joe discuss working with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

In this 7 minute interview, Joe talks about filming The Pacific,
Eugene Sledge's book, being on set, and his interests in writing and directing.

Joe, James Badge Dale, and Jon Seda are interviewed at the
international dvd release party for The Pacific.

Along with The Social Network cast,
Joe talks about his character in The Social Network.

UK Interview (2010)
Part 1 (Joe's part starts at 7:12 in.) and Part 2.
One of my favorite interviews! Joe discusses The Pacific, what superpower he would want,
taking a break from acting to go to school, working with Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park, what his
proudest moment is, auditioning for The Pacific, and working on The Social Network.

In this wonderful10 minute interview, Joe discusses preparing for and
filming The Pacific, as well as the hardest scene to film.

Joe and James Badge Dale talk about how manly
they feel after having portrayed real WWII Marines for The Pacific.

Joe talks about researching his role as Sledge in The Pacific.

Joe discusses auditioning for The Pacific, his character,
filming Jurassic Park, and also a bit about
filming and The Social Network.

Joe and James Badge Dale discuss The Pacific on 
the red carpet at the Philadelphia premiere of The Pacific.

Jon Seda, James Badge Dale, and Joe talk about
The Pacific at the premiere in Hawaii on the ship Missouri.

    The clip shows the opening remarks before the showing,
credits of the first episode, and a brief interview of the main cast.

Interviews with the cast and film makers of The Pacific.

Joe and James Badge Dale talk about The Pacific and meeting WWII veterans
at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.

Joe, James Badge Dale, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg honor
veterans of The Pacific at the World War 2 Memorial in Washington DC. 

Interview with Joe, James Badge Dale and Jon Seda.




Joe's part in the video starts at 7:18.

This song was written for the movie Simon Birch.

This is a short film that Joe starred in while at USC.

Two people in full body casts fall in love in a communal hospital room.

If you blink, you might miss Joe in this short clip of Nylon magazine's
Young Hollywood preview. Joe shows up at :48 seconds in.

Joe in character as Eugene Sledge reads excerpts
from Sledge's book With The Old Breed. 
He reads at the beginning, then at 4:17, 7:43 and 8:55.