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In the Chicago area? Go see Allison at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival!
The 4 minute short film Joe starred in earlier this year will be screened on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. For times and ticket info, visit the CCFF site HERE.

AUGUST 15TH, 2011
Sneak Peek of the First Kiss soundtrack!
Check out this audio sample from the First Kiss soundtrack titled "Running" right HERE on composer Kevin Blumenfeld's website. Kevin is a very talented composer who also did the music for Joe's movie Matters of Life and Death. Check out more soundtrack clips from First Kiss and Matters of Life and Death HERE.

AUGUST 14TH, 2011
More details on Joe's character Mouse in GI Joe 2!

Mouse, who is the newest recruit on the team played by Joseph Mazzello. He’s a Southern boy, “18 going on 11.” He’s got no real combat experience, but he’s played a lot of Call of Duty.

Slightly spoilery:
And when he goes up against one of the top Joes in a test to see who can pull a hand grenade out of a big pool out of water with their teeth, Mouse wins. He raises his arms in victory, and spits out the grenade, saying “Bang.” The crowd of soldiers watching this goes nuts.

Read about other characters from the movie AT THE SOURCE

JULY 26TH, 2011
Joe Mazzello Enlists For ‘G.I. Joe 2′

Joe Mazzello has been set to play the role of Mouse in G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes, a role a lot of young guys wanted in the Jon M. Chu-directed Paramount film that stars Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and Ray Stevenson. Mazzello, the kid in the original Jurassic Park, most recently co-starred in the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries The Pacific and was last seen in The Social Network. He also co-starred in Josh Schwartz’s ABC pilot Georgetown. He’s repped by UTA and Podwall Entertainment.

JULY 20TH, 2011
First Kiss is complete!
Post-production has been completed on the short film Joe starred in earlier this year titled First Kiss. In the coming weeks, the film will be submitted to various film festivals. This 4 minute short most likely won't make it's debut online until it has been screened in a few festivals.

MARCH 10TH, 2011
Joe Mazzello joins 'Georgetown' pilot

Joe Mazzello has reportedly joined the cast of ABC's pilot Georgetown.

The project, which will be executive produced by Gossip Girlshowrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, focuses on a group of young people working in Washington.

According to Deadline, Mazzello has now signed up to play a junior White House staffer called Peter who lives with some of the other characters.

Mazzello recently starred in The Social Network and played Eugene in The Pacific last year.

The Georgetown cast also includes James Wolk, Katie Cassidy and Daisy Betts.


  1. Joe Mazzello's GirlMarch 26, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Thanks for putting this blog up. I did not think that anyone else liked Joe as much as i do. Appreciate it! Keep posting because at least you have one reader!! Oh, and could you please add some new wallpapers! And, of course, I love Joe Mazzello!!

  2. Thanks for the new wallpapers! I already put one as my background on my computer!! I <3 Joe Mazzello!!!!

  3. I love joe! I would leave my husband for no one....but joe! Thanks for the website. I love it!!

  4. What a phenomenal actor! Future Oscar winner, in my opinion. He has captivated me since "Radio Flyer". I thought he was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. Now, still beautiful! *sigh*

  5. Ok, 2 things.....first, the pic at the top of the homepage (it's listed as "unknown photographer" or something in the photo section) is beautiful! The photoshoot/photographer is unknown because it is a photo straight from Heaven! Doesn't he look like an angel?? Secondly, I was wondering if you can upload any clips from "Matters of Life And Death". I can't find anything on it and don't know how to get my hands on it. Thanks!!

  6. haha! Yeah that picture is one of my favorites. I wish I knew the photographer so I could find more pictures.

    You can buy Matters of Life and Death on here for $10: