Friday, September 16, 2011

More info on Joe's character Peter Brooks in the tv pilot "Georgetown"

Earlier this year, Joe filmed a pilot episode for a tv show called "Georgetown." The pilot was never picked up by the ABC network. There is no official release date for the pilot to air. It is listed on as a TV Movie, so perhaps ABC might air it the fall. I will keep everyone updated on any news of a release date.

For now though, I've found a small review of the script and Joe's character, Peter Brooks is briefly mentioned:

There's Peter Brooks, who works for White House Chief of Staff Vincent Feig. He's a smart, timid fellow with a crush on Andrew's assistant, Harper. Vincent promotes him to the head of a team of analysts and Peter is unprepared to lead. He also accidentally hires Harper as his assistant when he thinks he's asking her out on a date. One of his team members, Stacy, is clearly gunning for his job.

I really hope ABC decides to show this. I would love to see Joe in this show!

(Georgetown banner above made by me.)

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