Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Coma" TV Pilot to air on March 1st, 2012?

That's what IMDB is saying! On the IMDB page for Coma, under episode list, there are 5 episodes listed including one Pilot episode that has an air date of March 1st! The show is set to premiere on the A&E Network on May 28th, 2012....two episodes will air that night that are each an hour long. The following night on May 29th, the final two episodes will air which are also each an hour long.

Perhaps the pilot episode will be shown as well before then? I'm not sure why the pilot would air 2 months before the actual show, but if it means another episode with Joe, then I'm happy! If anything changes I'll be sure to let everyone know.

A few actors names are also showing their character names and how many episodes they are in. There hasn't been a character name or episode number given to Joe yet, but hopefully soon they will update it and we will know who Joe is playing and how many episodes he appears in. I can't wait!

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