Monday, May 21, 2012

Joe is filming a new movie called "Dear Sidewalk"

Dear Sidewalk is a romantic comedy indie film that is currently filming in Austin. Here is the synopsis of the film from the Dear Sidewalk Facebook page:

DEAR SIDEWALK is the story of Gardner, a 24-year old mail carrier, who fantasizes about life beyond the sidewalks beneath his feet. His dreams of finding the perfect woman, achieving the perfect life, and becoming the hero of his own epic tale are both touching and hilarious. But overwhelmed by possibility and the fear of abandonment, he adheres to the comfort of his routine. He rigidly cultivates his philatelic obsessions in order to maintain a very small but safe, controlled world. Gardner’s co-workers and friends offer their own unique versions of advice and support along the way. His adoptive brother, Calvin, believes the secret to Gardner’s happiness is finding the right woman, but Calvin lacks the skill and Gardner the desire to make this a reality. This changes when he meets Paige, a provocative newly relocated divorce√© on his route. His quarter-life crisis collides with her mid-life crisis and they form an intimate relationship based on this synchronicity. Together, they help each other confront their fears and try to find the lives they want to lead.

It is unknown the role Joe is playing, but I'm guessing he is the lead role, Gardner. 

Check out this set picture of Joe (on the left) courtesy of Barcode Films' Facebook page:

You can check out the film's Twitter, Facebook, and official site for more info;

This project looks really cool and I can't wait to see the finished product!

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