Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Coma" TV Pilot will not be shown on March 1st says the Pilot for Coma has a release date of March 1st, however the TV schedule on the A&E channel's website does not have Coma on their schedule for March 1st.

I'm not sure why IMDB has that date listed for the Pilot. The main page for Coma on IMDB under "release dates" says May 28th, 2012, so that is the actual date when the first episode will air.

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  1. From:

    "Coma will still air, the date was pushed back. We will post the new airdate as soon as we have it. It is definitely airing this year!"

    ...just have to hang in there, it will be brilliant, I'm sure!

    Rachael :)