Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Round up on Joe's most recent projects

There have been a few updates over the last few weeks on Joe's latest film roles, so here is a post about the status of each project:

Coma (2012)
Joe has completed filming for this TV miniseries. His character name and role is still unknown. The show is set to premiere on the A&E Network on May 28th, 2012....two episodes will air that night that are each an hour long. The following night on May 29th, the final two episodes will air which are also each an hour long.

GI Joe Retaliation (2012)
Filming is complete and the movie is in Post-Production. You can watch the full trailer HERE. Joe appears in this trailer at the beginning. There is also a TV spot HERE in which Joe appears very briefly alongside The Rock. A French trailer was also released, but Joe does not appear in that trailer. A line of action figures from the movie have been revealed, however Joe's character Mouse does not have an action figure.

First Kiss (2011)
This is a 4 minute short film that Joe stars in along with Brenda Song who co-starred with Joe in The Social Network. It should be online around the end of March. You can listen to a track from the soundtrack titled "Running" right HERE on composer Kevin Blumenfeld's website.

Allison (2011)
This is also a 4 minute short film by the same director of First Kiss. It should also be online around the end of March.

Check out pictures from GI Joe, First Kiss, and Allison on the PHOTOS page.

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